Thursday, November 3, 2011

Get a Response to Your Paper Online

If you can't get to our locations when we're open, you can get feedback on your writing by email. We won't proofread your entire paper by email; we will mark and explain the errors in a sample portion of your paper and highlight them in the remainder so you can learn to correct them on your own. The feedback will include an audio explanation of the tutor's suggestions, as well as written comments. Ideally, getting feedback on the clarity of purpose, organization, and support should come before you more on to proofreading concerns.

We can only help with specific concerns in online submissions, so make sure that you include a brief summary of what you would like help with in the paper, specifically. Since there is so much we can go over, we're letting you take charge and decide what to focus on.

You can find the submission form on our website at

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