Friday, December 9, 2011

The YUNiversity: Making Proper Writing Skills FUN and EDUCATIONAL

The YUNiversity is one of my favorite Tumblr sites to visit.  To those not too familiar with Tumblr, it is a social network that allows its users to create and disclose themed blogs with the web-world.  Its main function is to serve as an interactive weblog that gives its users the opportunity to share and even reblog photos, quotes, weblinks, articles, journal entries, music and videos.  Tumblr sites can include helpful tips on literary theories, webcam reviews on books, and commentaries on movies and TV shows—the possibilities are endless.  In regards to writing, The YUNiversity is one of the most entertaining, but helpful Tumblr sites that I have come across. 

The YUNiversity is dedicated to answering online questions submitted by their followers. These questions refer to grammatical and mechanical writing errors, common word usage, and numerous other concerns referring to the English language. The questions are answered promptly in an entertaining, but informative format. The YUNiversity commonly uses cartoons and pop cultural references, and incorporates them into their answers. These fun pictures allow the audience to easily understand and relate to the explanations of the questions. 

Be sure to drop by this site for references and answers related to one of your writing assignments. I guarantee you will be satisfied and entertained with The YUNiversity

Have fun!

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