Thursday, May 1, 2014

Don't Wait till the Last Minute

Unfortunately, it is very common for students to write papers the night--or even hours--before a paper is due. This is unfortunate because it does not give these students the time required for revisions or feedback from our Writing Center tutors. We often see students who come in hours before the class in which their assignment is due, wanting to get feedback and extra credit for visiting the Writing Center.

We really encourage the students who do this to write their papers earlier and come in at least a day before the paper is due. Many professors have told us they are going to crack down on Writing Center extra credit, only giving the credit if the changes discussed in your session are made to your paper, and possibly only giving credit if the student visits the Writing Center at least a day before.

We sympathize with the heavy workload that many students bear, especially as we approach finals week, but it makes it difficult for us to do our jobs when we know that much of what we are teaching and much of the work we put in to helping you improve your paper will go unheeded or unappreciated. The Writing Center exists to help students better their writing and learn to make their own revisions in their papers. We are not an editing service or just a source of extra credit. If you are not learning anything from us, then why are we here?


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