Monday, April 6, 2015

It's not me, it's you (in a good way)

Happy Monday, folks!

This post doesn't have much to say in terms of writing advice. There's a reason for that, I promise.

What this post is really designed to do is to take a moment to talk to you. (Yes, you.) Are you having a nice day? Did you have a swell weekend? What's going on in your world?

Additionally, we want to know something else: What would you like to see from this blog? What would you like to see from our Facebook page?

That may seem like a lot of questions, but we genuinely want to know.

The WKU Writing Center is here to meet your needs as a student and a writer. If you want more materials about a citation style or can't figure out where to put that comma or semi-colon, we want to help.

So, let us know!

Leave a comment below and tell us what we can do to help enhance the writing experience for you.

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  1. Good morning! Our Writing Center blog has had good response to our entries focusing on advice to tutors and to students on how to make this challenging experience of improving our writing (and helping others to improve their writing) more effective. We have some good "problem/solution" style posts (one with three approaches to handling complaints about professors in the writing center) and some good general writing advice posts (avoiding using faith-based arguments in essays for a non-religious audience). Check us out here for some inspiration! Hope we can connect and energize each other. Cheers! ~Molly KUASC Blog:

  2. Thank you for your response, Molly! We greatly appreciate having your input!